Typically sessions will be 45 min – 3 hours depending on the type healing needed. The type of healing needed will depend on the 15 min minute consult at the beginning of the session. We sometimes will need follow up sessions. In order for this healing to have its most success, I recommend post session practices to ensure you continue to flourish.  I may recommend an additional session, new home care practices, nutritional changes, licensed psychotherapy, etc.

A mandatory disclosure form and consent must be reviewed signed at time of session

***The information I provide you within a session is not made to replace traditional medical or licenced psychiatric care, if your care is beyond my scope of understanding or treatment I will refer

you to the appropriate care provider***

Hands on healing with spiritual cleanse: I use a form of hands on healing where the practitioner channels life force energy from the source of creator. In a hands on session we will start with an intake form. We will go over that form and you will then lay down on my Massage table. I will open with a prayer  begin laying my hands on your body. I will begin with your head or feet and as I feel intuitively called to do so will move down your body. We will do this on both sides of your body. In some areas my hands will hover and in some spots I will physically have my hands or spiritual tools on you, I may also incorporate pressure point therapy. I may use oils in different spots and may also incorporate obsidian, gentle massage and smoke and sound into this type of healing.


The type of therapy  used in these session will vary. We will begin with an intake form and will consult about the intentions of your session before beginning. For this type of session you will be sitting in front of me or in a distance session-in front of your computer using a video chat platform. I always start with a prayer and  guided grounding. After I feel that we are both grounded we will 'journey' into the next portion- this is similar to a guided meditation except it is interactive, you will be taken into a similar state as meditation but we will talk through the process. I may gather intuitive information that I will convey if it helps us through the healing. 

Everyone’s healing journey is different. Our higher selves and surrounding high vibratory guides know what we need at the moment we initiate our healing.  

The following will be a small peak into what may come up in a Guided Energy Healing session:


*this is all up to the higher self/spirit to decide what is to be shown to heal


Energy body clearing- We develop conditioning and wounds in our energetic body. We have 7 main Chakras. We develop belief systems (or wounds)  passed down through generations, colonialism, patriarchy. We also learn belief systems from the adult figures in our lives starting in the womb. These forced belief systems settle into different parts of our energetic body-different development phases in our lives correspond with different Chakras. Our consultation talk at the beginning can also give us both an idea on an area we need to work on. When we see that a Chakra needs to be cleared, we will do work to clear whatever wound, feeling, or belief system that has settled there that is no longer serving you. We then work together in the session to fill this area with light and affirmations that will serve your healing. 


Cord cuttin or clearing- similar to the Chakra clearing I would see similar things but that would include a cord (and often does) -which is essentially an unhealthy dynamic being played out. This can be a cord to an ex, a family member, a dead person, place, object  or even an ancestral wound cord. We form cords of the heart, and those are typically pure love and good intention. But the cording that unhealthily forms usually comes from the lower parts of the energetic body. We work on sending energy back to the said person/place/thing and take back your energy that has been exchanged in this dynamic. 


Past life- Sometimes the wounds we discover run deep- deep into our past lives. On occasion we have to journey to the place in which this wound was afflicted and rescue ourselves in that moment. There are different ways to get there and different ways to approach this-intuitive guidance will show us the way in that moment. 

** I will also provide journeys to past lives in which we felt our most empowered-we will receive that medicine and bring it into this lifetime. 

***I also provide journeys to the past life in which we were the oppressor- we must face this shadow to deeply understand some oppressive dynamics we play out in our lifetime interactions.


Inner child healings- There is not one person in this world that hasn’t acquired some wounds from the familial/authoritative people in our lives. Abandonment, feeling lack of worth, fear of being in one’s own skin, fear of being hurt… the list goes on and on. We can go through and re-parent your inner child, or speak to the child/teenager with a clearer understanding of the bigger picture or lessons learned. -There is a lot more that goes into this and it can be significantly profound to do this work so it may take more than one session.

Note: There is much more than just these listed above that can come up in a session and multiple things may present themselves.  We may also do journeys to meet your spirit guides, clear dark energy, clear/re-write soul contracts and more.

In order to allow the energetic body to rest, we may complete one task at a time and schedule more than one session. I may also supplement the healing with suggested use of different herbs, oils and practices to continue the intentionality of your healing. Note that these will only be suggestions and that I recommend visiting a doctor or either natural or western medicine for medical and herbal guidance. The healing that is needed will present itself, so one may come in with an intention and my guidance may have another idea of what is needed at this time.