"Bianca worked with me in a meditative healing. I highly recommend her. She is sensitive and caring and very intuitive. An amazing experience."


"I did a distance session with Bianca, and I will try to keep this short and to the point. I have been dealing with PTSD for a long time now, and given recent events everything had been shaken up again. When I started the session I could feel a warm yellow light throughout my entire body, almost banishing the things that had been inflamed. I could tell that Bianca was there and present with me the entire time and that she was anchoring me to do the spirit work I needed to. After the session we talked for a while and had a very similar experience through the session. She was informative and very available for any questions I had for a few days after even. I highly recommend Alarcon Healings and think Bianca is one of the best practitioners I’ve encountered. <3"


"Bianca did three Reiki sessions on me when I was under going cancer treatments (chemo). 

The sessions were very relaxing and I had more energy afterwards. 

Also, I did not feel so irritated after the sessions with a little less pain."


"I had no knowledge of Reiki prior to practicing with Bianca. The overall benefits and deep connection I felt from these sessions surprised me in the best way possible. I’m eager to continue!"

-A. K.

"Bianca was so accommodating during our session and made changes to match my needs. She was able to pick up on and clear my main blocks. I left the session feeling light, at ease and confident. I'd highly recommend her :)"


"Bianca is a compassionate and gifted healer. She has a calmness about her that makes you know you are safe and protected in her presence. She lead me through a guided meditation and chakra healing. The meditation and clearing was relaxing and easy to visualize and feel in my body.  She used her intuition to beautifully describe what she was seeing, feeling, hearing and sensing. I highly recommend Bianca for your energetic and spiritual healer."


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