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  • Guided Energy Healing and Reiki- $150

  • Reiki in person or distance alone- $60

  • Distance (Zoom,Skype,Phone) Guided Energy Healing- $100

  • Free distance Reiki sessions for BIPOC. 

 * Payment plans available- inquire through email at

***Free distance Reiki for BIPOC available.

*Intuitively guided distance sessions via phone/skype/Zoom  available.  

*Reiki sessions can also be done in nature: Short hikes, next to a river, in a park, etc. 

 -Please email to these specific sessions book sessions.


Know that the complete healing is up to you, we just start the process.

You will actively participate in the healings.

Intentionality is important, if you're having trouble finding an intention but just 'know' you need a healing we may use meditation or  divination tools like tarot cards/pendulum to help.

This healing work is not meant to replace a traditional doctor's treatment plan

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